The hotels.
In cities and large towns you will be accommodated in good 3 to 4 star properties that are generally centrally located, atmospheric, and reliable. These hotels offer all of the amenities you would expect; laundry, wireless internet…etc. They are often close to the local points of interest, unique shops and colorful markets, and offer guests a comfortable place to relax between the trip activities.

Lodges or family lodges.
They are not luxury lodges but what they do offer is very comfortablem accommodation which is well maintained and with many facilities. Generally, the detailed trip notes that we have prepared for each trip will give you details of the types of properties we use on any one itinerary

The Mountain Huts.
On occasion, mountain huts may be used on our adventures. Expect these to be basic but comfortable and from time to time the sleeping arrangements are dormitory style – in keeping with the true mountain spirit!.

Mountain Tents.
In expeditions where there are no huts the accommodation is provided in tents with all group camping equipment including cooking gear, tables and chairs, tents (personal, ktichen, dining). Mountain tents and expedition tents are simply the ultimate tent for 4 season camping in almost all conditions, all weather and all altitudes. The terms expedition tent and mountain tent will be used interchangeably. Expedition tents are made for the unparalled test of extreme weather conditions, such as blizzards, torrential rain, extreme minus temperatures and winds. During our treks and climbs we will be camping you might find yourself waking up to a hot tea delivered with a smile right to the foot of your tent each morning, or playing cards in the dining tent during afternoon tea with new acquaintances, or enjoying a fine meal prepared by our cook staff that is present on each trip. Camping will take on a new meaning for you!

Meals – Food
The food throughout the mountains is as diverse as the characteristics of the continent. Generally each day commences with a hot beverage, cereal and fruit, eggs
and toast. At lunch, we tend to have plenty of picnics with a variety of salad ingredients, breads, meats and cheeses and for dinner depending on where you are. While on trek, our cooks will carefully prepare a delicious menu of local and western foods – sure to be a highlight of the trip.
Breakfasts, lunch and dinners will be provided while you are climbing. This includes hot drinks. These meals will consist of ‘quick preparation’ foods local foods.
Each individual will be responsible for his/her own restaurant meals when we are not climbing. We will try to sample several local restaurants.
What food do I need to bring?
All meals on the climb and treks are included. You will be responsible for your bottled drinks. You may want to bring powdered drink mixes for flavor in your water bottles. We recommend you bring a modest personal stash of your favorite trail and snack foods. We ask that each climber and trekker supplier their own snacks. This gives us a lot more flexibility and this way you’ll always have something handy to munch on. Bring things like candy, nuts, granola bars, GORP and powdered drink mixes.